CROI 2013: New Treatments for Hepatitis C and HIV/HCV Coinfection


New treatments for hepatitis C were a key focus at the 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) this month in Atlanta. Researchers described several next-generation direct-acting antiviral agents for both HCV monoinfected and HV/HCV coinfected people, as well as some interferon-free regimens.

At a March 4 CROI press conference on hepatitis C research, experts discussed what these mean advances for patients and providers. David Thomas from Johns Hopkins predicted that the first components of interferon-free therapy will likely be approved by the FDA by the end of the year. Comparing the hepatitis C drug development timeline to HIV, he said, "It's as if we're going from Crixivan to Atripla in a year and a half."

"It's like HIV drug development at warp speed," Dieterich concurred. "It’s a really good time to have hep C."

Hepatitis C

HIV/HCV Coinfection